Accepted Contributions for RECOMB-Seq

1. Eleonora Rachtman, Vineet Bafna and Siavash Mirarab 

CONSULT: Accurate contamination removal usinglocality-sensitive hashing


2. Luca Renders, Kathleen Marchal and Jan Fostier

Dynamic Partitioning of Search Patterns for Approximate Pattern Matching using Search Schemes


3. Matthew Hayes, Angela Nguyen, Rahib Islam, Caryn Butler, Ethan Tran, Derrick Mullins and Chindo Hicks

HolistIC: leveraging Hi-C and whole genome shotgun sequencing for double minute chromosome discovery


4. Timothy Barry, Xuran Wang, Kathryn Roeder and Eugene Katsevich

Conditional resampling improves calibration and sensitivity in single-cell CRISPR screen analysis


5. Yiqing Yan, Nimisha Chaturvedi and Raja Appuswamy

Accel-Align: A Fast Sequence Mapper and Aligner Based on the Seed–Embed–Extend Method


6. Thomas Krannich, W. Timothy J. White, Sebastian Niehus, Guillaume Holley, Bjarni V. Halldorsson and Birte Kehr

Population-scale detection of non-reference sequence variants using colored de Bruijn graphs


7. Anna Lisiecka and Norbert Dojer

Linearization of genome sequence graphs revisited


8. Peter Nguyen, Simon Coetzee, Daniel Lakeland and Dennis Hazelett

A molecular taxonomy of tumors independent of tissue-of-origin


9. Riccardo Vicedomini, Christopher Quince, Aaron Darling and Rayan Chikhi

Automated strain separation in low-complexity metagenomes using long reads


10. Omar Ahmed, Massimiliano Rossi, Sam Kovaka, Michael Schatz, Travis Gagie, Christina Boucher and Ben Langmead

Pan-genomic Matching Statistics for Targeted Nanopore Sequencing


11. Lauren Mak, Dmitry Meleshko, David C. Danko, Waris Barakzai, Natan Belchikov and Iman Hajirasouliha

Ariadne: Barcoded Linked-Read Deconvolution Using de Bruijn Graphs


12. Kristoffer Sahlin and Veli Mäkinen

Accurate spliced alignment of long RNA sequencing reads


13. Qi Sun, Yifan Peng and Jinze Liu

A Reference-free Approach for Cell Type Classification with scRNA-seq


14. Ziwei Chen, Fuzhou Gong, Lin Wan and Liang Ma

BiTSC2: Bayesian inference of Tumor clonal Tree by joint analysis of Single-Cell SNV and CNA data


15. Massimo Equi, Tuukka Norri, Jarno Alanko, Bastien Cazaux, Alexandru I. Tomescu and Veli Mäkinen

Algorithms and Complexity on Indexing Founder Graphs


16. Jiaxing Chen, Chinwang Cheong, Liang Lan, Xin Zhou, Jiming Liu, Aiping Lyu, William K Cheung and Lu Zhang

DeepDRIM: a deep neural network to reconstruct cell-type-specific gene regulatory network using single-cell RNA-seq data


17. Yuwei Bao, Jack Wadden, John Erb-Downward, Piyush Ranjan, Robert Dickson, David Blaauw and Joshua Welch

Real-Time, Direct Classification of Nanopore Signals with SquiggleNet


18. A. Ali Heydari, Oscar Davalos, Lihong Zhao, Katrina Hoyer and Suzanne Sindi

ACTIVA: realistic single-cell RNA-seq generation with automatic cell-type identification using introspective variational autoencoders