SATELLITES (April 16-17, 2021)

Satellites will be held in classroom Ve of the University of Padova.

The classroom is right next to the Department of Information Engineering (DEI).

Department of Information Engineering (DEI)

University of Padova

Via Giovanni Gradenigo 6

35131 Padova, Italy

CONFERENCE (April 18-21, 2021)

The Conference will take place in Fiera di Padova

Fiera di Padova

Via N. Tommaseo 59

35121 Padova PD



Fiera di Padova, the historical Fair of Padova, was built exactly 100 years ago. Since then, it never stopped to host a range of events, at a national and international level. The heritage of this glorious past gave birth to a cutting-edge venue, perfectly integrated in the City and attentive to the theme of beauty, fostering the growth of talents and ideas and the environmental sustainability.

Giardino Italia is the first urban gentrification project involving greenery as part of project "Padova Smart City". With Giardino Italia, Fiera di Padova provides concrete proof of how the city can be gentrified through greenery and how green relics are a strategic asset for sustainable development. Giardino Italia is a permanent park grown using the excellences of Italian horticultural productions.


Fiera di Padova is well located inside the City, 500 meters away from the Railway Station. A pleasant walk allows people to reach the main points of interest of the City in 15 minutes.


The venue is fully accessible to participants with reduced mobility, being situated mostly at the ground floor, and will also feature a 500 cars free parking.

how to get to the Conference Venue

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